Tuesday, 3 September 2019

'Safe Account' Scam

Beware of receiving a phone call from someone claiming to be calling from your bank, or from police fraud investigators.
The bogus caller states there is an issue with the victim's bank account and advises them to move their money to a ‘safe account’. The victim will often be told that bank staff are suspected of being involved in a fraud which deters them from seeking advice in their local branch. Often the victims have no reason to doubt the fraudsters as they appear to know the victims personal details. The fraudsters will urge victims to act quickly.
Your bank and the police will never ask you to transfer your money into a ‘safe account’. If you receive such a phone call, end the call immediately.

DVLA email scam

Be wary of an email scam claiming that your recent online car tax payment has failed. The email threatens the driver could be fined £1000 if they do not rectify the alleged issue immediately. The scam features DVLA branding and provides a link for the driver to enter their banking details.
The DVLA would never contact you by email or text. Drivers are reminded to only use the gov.uk website when dealing with car tax matters.

Monday, 2 September 2019

Heritage Walks

Thank you to all those who took part in the Heritage Walks led by Robert Swain.  These were to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the opening of the Lancaster Canal from Preston right through to Kendal, and were under the auspices of the Bolton-le-Sands Parish Council.  Amazingly, none of the walks had to be cancelled owing to bad weather, although it was a close run thing one day as there was a thunderstorm not very long before the walk was due to start, but two stalwart ladies turned up for it, so it took place.

Robert was delighted at how many people came on the walks in total, far more than he had expected, and he considered them a great success.  The collections at the end of each walk raised a grand total of £199.86 for Lancaster Canal Trust.  In addition, there was a generous donation for Canal & River Trust for their work on the Lancaster Canal.

The assorted dogs that came on the walks seemed to enjoy them as well!