Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Phone provider scam

A resident in Nelson received a phone call claiming to be from her phone provider saying she had not paid her bill and her phone would be cut off if she did not make a payment, and asked for debit card details. This is a scam designed to make you panic, not giving you time to think. Always check independently with your service provider. Sometimes scam callers may not hang up, so your independent check may be back to the scammer. If suspicious, use another phone or wait before calling. .

Beware bogus phone calls relating to library fines

A Lancashire resident was contacted out of the blue about overdue library charges. The caller claimed that the charges had been accrued by a family member, who had unfortunately died. Library services would never contact anyone in this way. If you do receive such a call, do not pass over any personal or banking information. Hang up and block the number if possible; - Contact your local library if you are concerned about overdue charges.