Thursday, 6 August 2020

Beware Fraudulent Gas Bill Emails

Householders are being warned about a national scam. Fraudulent gas bill emails are being sent to members of the public informing them they owe money. The message threatens the recipient with a fine if they do not pay. It reads 'if we do not receive a payment or hear from you in the next 2 days and we have to contact you again, you will be charged £140 to cover our reasonable cost'.
This is a scam, do not respond. Do not feel panicked or pressurised into responding.
Contact the Trading Standards Service via the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 0808 223 1133

Reduce Your Council Tax Email Scam

Rossendale residents have reported receiving an email claiming to be able to provide you with a refund for the last 2 years for a council tax reduction that it states you are entitled to due to being on a low income or on benefits. The email is headed up GOV.UK and shows how much money you can apply for. You are asked to click on a link which requires your bank details.
This is a scam. To find out if you are eligible for a council tax reduction go to

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Scam Visa Telephone Call

Please be aware of current telephone scams many of which are targeting elderly people in Lancashire. It involves phone calls or messages from a withheld number claiming to be from Visa or your bank about an unusual £600 transaction on your card, followed by fake calls from the police or your bank's fraud department. If a message is left, you will be asked to press 1 if you did not authorise a recent payment to a particular shop (such as Harrods) or to a foreign country. This will then be followed by a second call from 'police', 'Fraud Team' or similar where they try to obtain personal and banking details.
A Lancashire householder received a call claiming they were owed £3500 in bank charges. The caller explained he had got the information from a government website but was unclear who he was calling on behalf of. The caller knew the householders address details and said an officer would be visiting at lunchtime that day and would need to see the householders passport for photographic ID. The householder put the phone down and reported the incident to the Police.
Please ignore all such calls. If you receive an unsolicited call claiming to be from your bank and are unsure if it’s legitimate, always call your bank via its official contact channels instead of following any instructions. Also note that the scammer can leave your line open, so even if you think you have put the phone down there is a risk that when you dial again you may just end up speaking to the scammer- try using another phone or a mobile to make checks if possible.
Scams can be reported to Action Fraud, contact 0300 123 2014 or go to
To reduce telesales calls join the Telephone Preference Service on 03450 700707. Many telephone service providers can also offer help to reduce the number of scam calls you receive.


Notice is hereby given that it is the intention of the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to confirm an Order made by the Environment Agency under section 26 of the above Act. The Order will: Expire 10 years after the date on which it first comes into force: Limit the number of Heave or Haaf net licences, and drift; hang; or whammel net licences to be allocated for fishing for salmon and migratory trout in any one year in the specified area.
Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, a copy of the Order may be obtained free of charge on application either by telephone please dial 03708 506 506 or by email sent to and we will be happy to provide you with a copy to view either electronically or by post. 
A copy of the order and consultation can also be viewed at Any objection to the confirmation of the Order should be made in writing and addressed to Migratory & Freshwater Fisheries (Salmon Byelaws), Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Area 8A/B, Millbank, c/o Nobel House, 17 Smith Square, London, SW1P 3JR or sent by email to: not later than 10th September 2020 
Please send copies of any objections to  Copies of any responses may be made public. The information contained may also be published in a summary of responses. If you do not consent to having your response published, you must clearly request that your response be treated confidentially. Any confidentiality disclaimer generated by your IT system in email responses will not be treated as such a request. You should also be aware that there may be circumstances in which DEFRA will be required to communicate information to third parties on request in order to comply with its obligations under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations.

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Library Re-opening - Lancashire County Council

Lancashire County Council will be reopening 12 of its libraries, one per district, in the first phase to make sure there is a good geographical spread of libraries across Lancashire.
The following libraries will open Monday to Friday between 10am–1pm.
  • Accrington - Hyndburn district
  • Ansdell – Fylde district
  • Chorley – Chorley district
  • Coal Clough - Burnley district
  • Fulwood – Preston district
  • Garstang – Wyre district
  • Leyland – South Ribble district
  • Morecambe – Lancaster district
  • Nelson – Pendle district
  • Rawtenstall – Rossendale district
  • Skelmersdale – West Lancashire district
  • Whalley – Ribble Valley district
Other libraries will remain closed but you can book an appointment at any of the above libraries, even if you don't normally use them. 
The Harris library has re-opened and you can find more details on the Harris library website.

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

The Countryside Code

Respect other people
  • Consider the local community and other people enjoying the outdoors
  • Park carefully so access to gateways and driveways is clear
  • Leave gates and property as you find them
  • Follow paths but give way to others where it’s narrow 
  • Protect the natural environment
  • Leave no trace of your visit, take all your litter home
  • Don’t have BBQs or fires
  • Keep dogs under effective control
  • Dog poo - bag it and bin it 
  • Enjoy the outdoors
  • Plan ahead, check what facilities are open, be prepared
  • Follow advice and local signs and obey social distancing measures

Friday, 10 July 2020

Helping to keep Lancashire moving....

You can have your say on your roads and transport locally by completing a short survey. As part of a new campaign to promote the work of their highways service, Lancashire County Council is encouraging people to complete the National Highways and Transport (NHT) survey, which measures public satisfaction with services across different local authorities.
The campaign will also focus on their work maintaining Lancashire's roads, this year the team will fix around 36,000 potholes and resurface 175 miles of roads. But following a wet and stormy winter the council are finding more potholes than usual this year, so they are also asking people to help them by reporting potholes their website.
In 2020/21, the county council will spend £26m to maintain our 4,600 miles of highways and 5,300 miles of footways. They are continuously introducing new techniques to fix potholes and supplement the traditional repair teams. They have also introduced a new deep insitu recycling process for resurfacing and this year will recycle 19,000 tonnes of asphalt in resurfacing our roads. At 20 tonnes per wagon load that’s an amazing 900 loads diverted from landfill and 1800 return journeys eliminated.
Find out more about how Lancashire's roads are improving and complete the survey at