Monday, 9 October 2017

Parking and access to school

The local Primary School has received a visit from the Police following a number of formal complaints over the last few weeks concerning irresponsible and illegal parking on Bolton Lane (outside school) and on the main street through the village. There have also been comments about insensitive driving and parking in and around the Community Centre car park. It is clear to the large majority of our school community that a relatively small number of road users are creating serious safety issues for other people in the wider community.  If you have to use a car to bring your child to and from school, please park in a sensible and legal place where you know that you are not causing an obstruction. There are a lot of parking places on the road along from Holy Trinity Church as well as in other parts of the village - please use these and then walk up to school. Please actively consider how your driving and parking behaviours impact on the well-being of other people. Thank you.

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