Monday, 30 March 2020

Scam E-mails

Scam emails from 'Researchers'
Beware receiving any email claiming to be from researchers asking for donations. One such email claimed to be from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, downloading to a fake Microsoft login page requesting email and password. 
COVID-19 email tax scam
Beware emails alleging to be from HM Revenue and Customs offering a precautionary tax measure due to the coronavirus outbreak 'in co-operation with National Insurance and National Health Services'. The scam email asks you to click on a link for a refund of £128.34.
HMRC will never contact you in this way, be suspicious of emails alleging to be from government services and never click on any link or give your personal or financial details.
Scam emails from WHO
Hackers are sending emails pretending to be from the World Health Organisation. The email claims that the attached document details how recipients can prevent the spread of the disease. Clicking on the attachment gives the hackers the opportunity to infect the computer with malicious software.
If you would like to read information given out by the WHO, go directly to their official website.
Scam emails from 'Researchers' 
The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau has identified reports where victims have attempted to purchase protective face masks from fraudulent sellers.   Always use known, reputable online suppliers. Best advice for any transactions over £100 is to pay by credit card for extra protection.

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