Monday, 4 May 2020

Want to Help your Community's Wellbeing?

The North Lancashire Community Wellbeing Challenge will be on Wednesdays from 1pm to 3pm via Zoom.  It will start on:  Wednesday 20 May at 1pm. and will run every Wednesday for 8 weeks.

The Community Wellbeing Challenge is for people aged 30-50 who want to make a difference in their community and to promote positive mental health.  The Challenge follows the thinking that just as everyone has physical health, everyone has mental health, therefore the course looks at ways to look after your mental health.  Over the 8 weeks Challengers will also map and survey their community, and develop, then at the end of the 8 weeks, launch a project that will promote positive mental health in their community.  This is a great opportunity to support our mental wellbeing and that of our community, even if it is from our front rooms.

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