Monday, 17 September 2018

Good Job We Can Laugh

This weekend saw Countryfile reporting on prime time TV a British farmer who specialises in old time crops such as Borage. He has also imported a crop from South America that the Aztecs used to eat to give them strength and energy. How this will develop is very interesting and perhaps we can look forward to developments in times ahead.

However, there is also a food source we have in abundance in Britain, the growing menace of Duck Weed, which is edible.  Unfortunately this blanket weed has side effects and stops oxygen getting into the water, which kills off the invertebrates and effects the fish and other food sources.

Due to lack of maintenance on our canals, and the policy of reducing the water levels to try and stop leaks and spills, although we still have major breaches, we have weed of all sorts and sizes, but particularly the dreaded Duck Weed.

So how long it will be before we are having it with our breakfast Weetabix or Golden crunches is anyone's guess?
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