Thursday, 9 July 2020

Beware Free Trials

Take care when signing up to free trials – there can sometimes be pitfalls where we find we have signed up to more than we bargained for. Ask yourself:
• What am I agreeing to in order to claim this offer?
• Is the trial really ‘free’? Or could I have money taken from my bank account or card?
• Do I have to provide my payment details? If yes – stop and ask why.
• If there can be a charge, do I know how much it is and when the payment will be taken? Also, what exactly will I get in exchange for that charge?
• What must I do to stop the payment and by when?
• If I do get charged – what does the company say about giving me my money back?
• If I do get charged and do nothing, what happens next? Might the company take more payments in the future?

Look carefully at the wording of the ad and always check the terms and conditions to make sure you fully understand the extent and nature of an offer. If you think you may not want to pay to continue after the trial period, it’s a good idea to set a reminder to cancel.

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